“Green Hornet” Gets Another Reboot

Paramount Pictures and Chernin Entertainment have acquired the film rights to “The Green Hornet” franchise after they lapsed at Sony Pictures.

“Warrior” and “The Accountant” director Gavin O’Connor has been set to helm the film which will overhaul the image of its hero Britt Reid into something much edgier than either the 1960s campy series or the Seth Rogen-led film flop from a few years back.

Sean O’Keefe will pen the script and O’Connor will produce the film. Speaking about the project with Deadline, he says he’s been tracking the rights to the franchise for the better part of two decades and now that he’s got the rights he wants to explore this most human of superheroes:

“My intention is to bring a gravitas to The Green Hornet that wipes away the camp and kitsch of the previous iteration. I want to re-mythologize The Green Hornet in a contemporary context, with an emphasis on story and character, while at the same time, incorporating themes that speak to my heart. The comic book movie is the genre of our time. How do we look at it differently?

The Green Hornet is ultimately a film about self-discovery. When we meet Britt Reid he’s lost faith in the system. Lost faith in service. In institutions… He’s a man at war with himself. A secret war of self that’s connected to the absence of his father. The journey he goes on to become The Green Hornet is the dramatization of it, and becomes Britt’s true self… He’s the anti-Bruce Wayne… a modern Hamlet.

Britt’s shadow war background makes him a natural at undercover work. This is connected to his military backstory, which is more CIA Special Activities Division than SEAL Team 6. He’s cross-trained in intelligence work and kinetic operations. A hunter at the top of the Special Operations food chain, working so far outside the system he had to think twice to remember his real name. We will put a vigilante engine under the hood of his character.”

No word on when the project might head into production.

Source: Deadline