Gilliam’s “Don Quixote” Rights Issue Resolved?

Filmmaker Terry Gilliam’s “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” still lives. A few days ago came word that the Paris Court of Appeal had ruled in former producer Paul Branco’s favor in the drawn-out legal battle between him and Gilliam.

However now comes word that it’s not true that Gilliam lost the film’s rights. Gilliam’s current producer Mariela Busuievsky tells El Espanol (via The Playlist) that the filmmaker’s production company retains the film’s rights and the reports saying Branco had won was merely a case of Branco overstating his victory.

Reportedly no frame of the film was shot under the contract between Gilliam and Branco, and thus Branco doesn’t have any claim to the movie rights. However, since Gilliam didn’t properly terminate his contract with Branco per French law he will still have to pay Alfama at least $11,600 in damages.

Once Gilliam has paid said damages, the legal issues are over and a distributor needs to be secured with plans currently being made for European territories, and US distribution is on the way shortly with ‘many options’ reportedly on hand.