Favreau Talks Lucas’ “Mandalorian” Advice

New Details On Series For Mandalorian

This November comes “The Mandalorian,” both the first live-action “Star Wars” TV series and the first big original series for the soon to launch Disney+ streaming service.

The show is set five years after the fall of the Empire, exploring an age which will be partly inspired by the end of the Samurai in Japan and the post-civil war west in America. Pedro Pascal plays a lone gunfighter of questionable moral character in the outer reaches of the galaxy and far from the authority of the New Republic.

Series creator Jon Favreau will show up at D23 next month to push the series and hopefully release the first trailer. Recently though, Favreau spoke with GQ and revealed that he scored some advice on the show from none other than George Lucas himself. The pair reportedly had a long talk and Favreau says:

“One thing he said to me was, ‘Remember, Jon, the real audience for all stories and all myths is the kids that are coming of age’, because he’s really a Joseph Campbell adherent…We enjoy the stories as adults, but really, storytelling is about imparting the wisdom of the previous generations on to the children who are becoming adults, and giving them a context for how to behave and how to learn the lessons of the past without making the mistakes on their own. That’s the hope, that you can teach them how to avoid all the hardship but garner all the wisdom.”

The series also stars Gina Carano as former Rebel Shock Trooper Cara Dune, and Carl Weathers as bounty hunter guild head Greef. Giancarlo Esposito, Emily Swallow, Omid Abtahi, Werner Herzog and Nick Nolte also appear. Favreau serves as executive producer and showrunner for the series which premieres November 12th.