Egerton Dismisses Wolverine Casting Rumors

Egerton Dismisses Wolverine Casting Rumors

With Disney expected to reboot the “X-Men” franchise in coming years, online speculation about the casting of key mutant characters comes as little surprise. One of the most frequently suggested options at present is that of “Kingsman” and “Rocketman” actor Taron Egerton as the new Wolverine.

Egerton and previous Wolverine star Hugh Jackman previously worked together in “Eddie the Eagle” and have a rapport which makes the choice understandable. While many have gotten used to the tall 6’3 Jackman in the role, the average heighted 5’9 Egerton is a full half-foot closer to the comics version’s diminutive 5’3.

No-one has told Egerton about the rumors though as he tells Digital Spy this week they’re completely unfounded. In fact, he indicates he’s unsure he’s even right for the role of Wolverine, but does say he’s very open to being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in some way:

“That one [Wolverine casting] I think is just a rumour. As far as I’m aware it’s unfounded. I don’t know if I’m quite grisly enough… I mean if the people at Marvel think I am then great, let’s go. But I think there are probably better candidates. But I would love to be involved with that world somewhere.”

We’re still a good few years away from a potential recasting of the role with Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige downplaying talk of “X-Men” films in recent months. We might get a glimpse of what’s in store for them when Marvel announces its coming ‘Phase 4’ plans to the world at Comic Con this coming Saturday night.