Douglas Keen On An “Ant-Man” Prequel

Press rounds for “Ant-Man and the Wasp” have begun with the film having screened for critics to a good reaction. Amongst those giving interviews are director Peyton Reed, who has once again expressed interest in helming a “Fantastic Four” movie should it ever happen again, and the legend that is Michael Douglas.

Douglas plays Hank Pym, the first hero to take on the mantle of Ant-Man, in the film and serves as something of a mentor to the current reigning Ant-Man that is Scott Lang (Paul Rudd). Though Douglas is playing his current age in the films, in the first “Ant-Man” we saw a glimpse of a nearly thirty years younger version thanks to de-aging technology.

Speaking with Screen Rant this week, Douglas expressed an enthusiastic interest in once again be de-aged to play the original Ant-Man again and this time show us Pym’s Ant-Man in action:

“I’d like to see [Pym], if there’s magic, we do movie magic in terms of flashbacks. How about getting Hank back to his prime age as the Original Ant-Man and kick some serious ass? I’m ready. I’m geared. I need a good stunt double. You know, I’ll find him, but now you can make me look 40 years younger let’s do the whole job!.”

It has been confirmed the film contains two post-credits sequences, while a new featurette about it is out below. “Ant-Man and the Wasp” opens in cinemas on July 6th: