Disney Plans Loki, Scarlet Witch TV Series

Disney Plans Loki Scarlet Witch Tv Series

Disney is bringing out the big guns in order to launch its upcoming streaming service, with Variety reporting today that the studio is in early development on an ambitious plan for a number of limited series centered on popular characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Specifically series about Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch characters are in development along with other beloved superheroes who have yet to appear in their own standalone movies. The actors who portrayed the characters on film are expected to reprise them in the streaming shows.

Each series is expected to include six to eight episodes with budgets expected to rival those of a major studio production. Marvel Studios will produce the shows and Kevin Feige is expected to take a hands-on role in their development, but no writers are yet attached.

Avengers that have gotten their own movies (ala Iron Man, Thor, Captain America) will not be getting their own shows. The series will join the likes of a “High School Musical” series, a live-action “Star Wars” series overseen by Jon Favreau, and numerous original films which will all come to the service.

Disney has kept the details of the service quiet, only suggesting that it will launch sometime late next year and cost less than a Netflix monthly subscription. Several of it pre-existing licensing deals with other streamers are going unrenewed or dismantled in order for the studio to put as much premium content on the platform as possible.