Disney Planning Two “Zootopia” Sequels?

Disney Planning Two Zootopia Sequels

Walt Disney Animation’s “Zootopia” raked in over a billion dollars at the global box-office, won a Best Animated Feature Oscar, and was a critical smash – making many top lists.

Oddly there hasn’t been much talk of a follow-up, but voice actor Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister recently revealed that Disney is working on two follow-ups. Lister, who played the small fox sidekick Finnick who helped Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) pull off scams in early scenes of the film, tells Dave and Busters (via Blog Mickey):

“I can tell you for sure I’m doing another Zootopia with Disney. We doing three of them. [There were] three Madagascars. We’re gonna replace that. We’re the biggest film that Disney is producing. The last one was $240 million. This one I’m hearing will be $300 million. That’s what they spent on the budget, not the advertising. But the movie made $2.6 billion, with merchandising and the box office.”

Whether original directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore will return isn’t revealed, nor is any hint of a production schedule. Disney is building an entire Zootopia land for their Disneyland Shanghai location.