“Deadwood” Star Raves About Film Script

Deadwood Star Raves About Film Script

After years of speculation, it was confirmed the other month that HBO’s “Deadwood” telemovie was on the way with creator/showrunner David Milch having completed the script and with the cast schedules locked in for a shoot starting October 5th.

Now one of the show’s actors, W. Earl Brown who played Dan Dority in the original series, is reprising his role in the movie and has taken to Twitter to talk about the film’s script which he recently received. The western drama was famed for its wondrously florid writing style and Brown has gushed about the work Milch has done:

“I just read the final draft. Holy. S–t. In the course of those two hours, my emotions ricocheted in every fucking direction: exhilaration to melancholy; hoots of joy to screams of despair. The Maestro has topped himself.

As my eye scanned the page, I read the Dan Dority dialogue aloud. Milch’s words are like a scrumptious meal; the complexity of its flavours is something to savour. The structure is essentially the same as the first version I read a year and a half ago, but the complexities of the relationships, the emotional peaks and depths, are all sharpened to a razor-fine edge. It’s gut-wrenching.”

Daniel Minahan will direct the movie, which will reunite the core cast with basically everyone back. Brown says one exception is Titus Welliver who won’t be able to return as Silas Adams due to his filming commitments on Amazon’s “Bosch”.

No air date is planned as yet but a Spring/Summer 2019 launch is looking likely.