Darabont: “Shawshank” Couldn’t Be Made Today

Darabont Shawshank Couldnt Be Made Today

Celebrated filmmaker Frank Darabont hasn’t released a movie since the Stephen King adaptation “The Mist” back in 2007, and in a new interview with Indiewire he says that part of the reason is that Hollywood simply doesn’t make his style of movies anymore.

Darabont’s “The Shawshank Redemption” turns twenty-five this year and whilst out talking about it ahead of a special theatrical re-release at the end of the month, Darabont says Hollywood has changed and studios “meddle far more in the filmmaking process”. As a result, films like ‘Shawshank’ can’t get made:

“I am absolutely certain that I could not make that movie today. I don’t think I could get ‘Green Mile’ made today. I don’t think I could get ‘The Majestic’ made today. I can’t even begin to imagine the studio meddling that would have happened with a movie like ‘Shawshank,’ if not for Castle Rock (which produced it).

Castle Rock was – it was the magic kingdom. They were an extraordinary place founded by a filmmaker who understood the creative autonomy that a filmmaker needs to do their best work. It was a tremendously respectful, filmmaker-friendly place. I don’t know if there’s room in our business today for a company like Castle Rock, which is a darn shame.”

That’s not to say Darabont is down on the current state of moviemaking, in fact he cites Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” as one of his recent favorites: “That was done very, very well, and I really enjoyed it. That’s one of those you want to get the 4K Blu-ray when it comes out.”

Fathom Events will be re-releasing ‘Shawshank’ for three days on September 22nd, 24th and 25th.