Berg Reveals Scrapped “Rundown 2” Details

Berg Reveals Scrapped Rundown 2 Details

2003’s “The Rundown,” also known as “Welcome to the Jungle” in some circles, helped launch the career of Dwayne Johnson and teamed him up with “American Pie” alum Seann William Scott and blossoming action director Peter Berg.

Berg is back in cinemas this month with the Mark Wahlberg-led “Mile 22,” and though he’s teased the possibility of a ‘Rundown’ sequel for nearly a decade – it has never really progressed. Johnson starred in the original as a former football star turned aspiring restauranteur hired to bring home the wayward son (Scott) of a mobster father. Heading to the jungle to find him, he encounters mercenaries, monkeys and lots of trouble.

Speaking with Collider this week, Berg didn’t offer an update on the status of the project but did reveal one idea he did have for a follow-up that was ultimately scrapped:

“We keep talking about doing another one. Here’s the problem. We started to do another one, but the script for it, but the script was written for Alaska, in the really, really cold weather. Remember the monkey scene in The Rundown where the monkeys mount his face? We had a similar scene with walruses. It got a little sexual between Beck and the walruses.

But how can you throw an opponent at Dwayne that’s rough and tough and menacing and maybe a little sexual. And we came up with walruses. And everything was going great until we realized Dwayne was an island boy and there was no way he was going up to Alaska for three or four months, so we’re rebooting. I think we might see another one one day.”

Berg added that it’s only a 50/50 chance that a film could happen at all, regardless of its setting, because everyone’s schedules are far too busy. On top of which, the film was not a success – making only $80 million worldwide on a budget of $85 million.