Trailer: William Monahan’s “Mojave”

William Monahan has mostly made his name as a solid go to scribe, penning scripts for films such as “The Departed,” “Kingdom of Heaven,” “The Gambler” and “Body of Lies”. He has dabbled in directing as well with less luck. “London Boulevard” opened back in 2010 and promptly bombed with critics and at the box-office.

He has now tried again with “Mojave” which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival to a mixed response. Garrett Hedlund plays a suicidal cashed-up artist facing off against a violent, psychotic loner (Oscar Isaac), whom the artist nearly kills during a roam through the desert.

DirecTV liked the project enough to pick up the film which will be available from tomorrow for its users, ahead of a limited theatrical run January 6th. They’ve also just released a trailer which you can see below: