The Random Spiel: November 12th 2007

New stills are out for Nim’s Island, The Mummy: Tomb of…, The Kite Runner, Righteous Kill set photos from Yes Men and Two Lovers.

– New posters are out for The Eye, Borderland, Jumper, Awake and Sweeney Todd.

– Clive Barker talks about the “Hellraiser” remake, “Tortured Souls,” “Nightbreed” and other projects in the works.

– An interesting feature piece looks at how Tim Burton came to direct the “Sweeney Todd” film.

– Some swank concept art for Imagi Studio’s upcoming “Astro Boy” feature.

– “Juno” Director Jason Reitman has a quite funny new blog with a lot of updates and he wants your feedback.

– Selena Gomez, Jane Lynch, Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle have joined the cast of “Another Cinderella Story,” a direct-to-DVD sequel to the Hilary Duff starrer “A Cinderella Story.”

– “Heroes” creator Tim Kring talks about the lacklustre second season so far and how it’s all about to change.

– “Poltegeist” 1 & 2 scribe Michael Grais is writing a fourth film in the series entitled “Poltergeist: In the Shadows.”