PornHub Upgrades Nanjiani For “Eternals” Bod

Pornhub Upgrades Nanjiani For Eternals Bod

After getting into insane shape for Marvel’s “Eternals,” Kumail Nanjiani has been out doing the talk show circuit this week discussing his thirst trap shirtless photo that made the rounds a little while back.

The photo famously made it to the major adult entertainment site Pornhub who used the shot to promote their Muscular Men category. Speaking on Team Coco this week, Nanjiani revealed that in the wake of that, he received a free ten-year subscription to their Premium service.

In the chat with Conan O’Brien, he clarified he doesn’t work for the porn site but the new Premium subscription has opened many doors he never even knew existed:

“I will say, because people are like, why do you need to pay for porn, and I do not work for Pornhub, they have not paid me to say this… it’s access to a whole new world. Free porn is good, but when you go to Premium? I could develop fetishes, crazy ones, over the next ten years, and I know I’ll be taken care of. There’s a lot.”

PornHub has been in the news lately with Bella Thorne writing and directing a movie for their Premium service. Additionally, a New York man recently filed a lawsuit against the site for not including any videos with closed captioning and so the deaf community were not able to enjoy the adult videos like the rest of society. The site quickly responded, pointing out closed captioning options for numerous videos it hosts.