Gunn’s “Suicide Squad” Is A ‘Total Reboot’

Gunns Suicide Squad Is A Total Reboot

In the wake of yesterday’s major news that James Gunn has been rehired by Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios to helm a third film in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise, one immediate question that quickly came to mind was what it would mean for his involvement in “The Suicide Squad” at Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Films.

Gunn became attached to that project earlier this year, initially as writer and then director of a whole new take on the material that would use a bunch of new characters along with the return of Deadshot whom has been recast with Idris Elba in the role.

Quickly it emerged that Gunn would be doing both projects, making him the first director in cinematic history to direct films for Marvel and DC. The plan is the ‘Squad’ film comes first with intent to film it later this year, Gunn will then segue into the third “Guardians” for Disney.

DC Films producer Peter Safran is working on the ‘Squad’ film along with the soon to release “Shazam” movie. Speaking with JoBlo about the news today, he says there’s been no complications or pressures with the announcement and fans should cool it on the Marvel/DC rivalry front:

“It was all handled incredibly elegantly and everybody knows on both sides that Suicide Squad is the priority today and he’ll finish that movie and then everybody knows that his next film will be Guardians. It’s the best of all possible both worlds, I think, for fans and for James Gunn himself.

And you know what I love about James directing for both Marvel and DC is he has always espoused the view that that which unites comic book and superhero lovers is much greater than that which divides us. Because, there’s always been this Marvel/DC rivalry, which he has said, and I agree, is absurd.

There’s room for everybody and certainly that which unites us all is far greater than that which divides us, so hopefully they’ll see that you can be both a Marvel and a DC fan and the world won’t spin off its axis.”

Safran then surprisingly revealed that the new film won’t be a sequel to the 2016 David Ayer-directed film, but rather a full on reboot:

“First of all, we don’t call it Suicide Squad 2 ’cause it’s a total reboot, so it’s The Suicide Squad and I think people should be extremely excited about it. It’s everything you would hope from a James Gunn script and I think that says a lot and that promises a lot and I know that we will deliver a lot.”

“The Suicide Squad” is slated to hit cinemas on August 6th 2021.