Flash Producer Answers S2 Questions

In a new interview with Collider, “The Flash” producer Gabrielle Stanton has offered some answers over lingering questions left by the first season finale of The CW series.


Talking about Barry Allen’s general direction for the season, Stanton says:

“[Barry] went through a lot, at the end of last season. He’s definitely going to start this season with a step back and be like, ‘What am I doing? Why am I doing this?’. If last season was the journey of Barry discovering he’s a hero, this season is definitely him trying to figure out what that means.”

While Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) is coming back in some capacity next year, he won’t be in the same mentor-style capacity to Barry which he had in the first season. Instead, that position will be taken by the alternate Earth Flash himself Jay Garrick (played by Teddy Sears). Stanton says:

“We’re introducing Jay Garrick, who will be a mentory character to Barry. Jay has seen some things that Barry hasn’t seen, and he’s going to be helping him through the process.”

The finale also offered a brief glimpse of Danielle Panabaker’s transformation into the villainous “Killer Frost”. How long will it be before we see that happen:

“It’s going to be a slower burn on that. That was just to keep people guessing. Who knows when Killer Frost is going to turn up? We did the helmet. We try to drop little Easter eggs. What I really like about The Flash is that I am a comic book fan, so I know a lot of this stuff, but my husband is not a comic book fan at all, and he still gets everything.”

The CW has also released a brief new promo for the second season with the new footage giving us a first look at the villain Atom Smasher and even a Batman-style ‘Flash’ signal. The show returns October 6th.