E3 2018: Electronic Arts Games & Trailers

Along with the push for “Anthem,” Electronic Arts revealed new trailers for several other games on the way during its annual E3 press conference earlier today. Along with the clips came announcements for an “Unravel” sequel and a new IP called “Sea of Solitude”.

They also announced that Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming third-person action/adventure “Star Wars” video game will be titled “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order”. The story will unfold in the time between Episodes III and IV as the Jedi Order is being hunted across the galaxy. The game is targeting a Holiday 2019 release date.

The event was the first of the major press events from the convention with further ones from Xbox, PlayStation, Bethesda and Ubisoft all to take place over the next day or so. Here’s the breakdown of what was shown:

Battlefield V

Unravel Two

Sea of Solitude

Command and Conquer: Rivals


NBA Live 19

Madden 19