“Blade Runner 2049” Won’t Answer Deckard Question

Ridley Scott has definitively in the past said that Harrison Ford’s Deckard, the Replicant-hunting hero of his 1982 sci-fi classic “Blade Runner,” is a replicant himself despite the film only implying it.

Over thirty years on and countless fan theories to the contrary (including Ford himself who believes his character was human), there’s been the obvious question of late – will the Denis Villeneuve-directed upcoming sequel “Blade Runner 2049” answer that question definitively?

In an interview with Allocine (via The Playlist), Villeneuve says it’s important to him not to solve the mysteries that linger around Scott’s original movie.

Asked about the theory that the replicants only have a four-year lifespan and the inclusion of Ford in the cast automatically answers the questions about his humanity, Villeneuve says: “not necessarily”. No doubt online hot takes are about to pop up shortly.

Villeneuve also reiterated his ‘longstanding dream’ to make a film adaptation of “Dune” and suggests he’ll gladly meet with Legendary who recently scored the film and TV rights to the Frank Herbert classic work. Villeneuve also says he’s not a fan of David Lynch’s troubled 1984 film adaptation.

“Blade Runner 2049” is currently targeting a late 2017 release.