Biehn To Voice Rejected “Alien 3” Audio Book

Biehn To Voice Rejected Alien 3 Audio Book

Before we got the final problematic if underrated film from David Fincher, the third “Alien” movie went through multiple incarnations with various writers and directors attached at numerous points.

One of the first brought onboard after the release of “Aliens” in 1986 was celebrated “Neuromancer” author William Gibson who practically invented the cyberpunk aesthetic. 20th Century Fox hired Gibson in 1987 to pen a version based on a treatment by producers David Giler, Walter Hill and Gordon Carroll.

The trio wanted to explore the Weyland-Yutani Corporation’s motivations and wrap it all up in a big Cold War metaphor, and so came up with a story about a militarily aggressive culture of humans with rigid socialist ideology that broke away from Earth society and became the Union of Progressive Peoples (U.P.P.).

That group board the Sulaco and one is attacked by a facehugger, along with taking Bishop with them for further study. The Sulaco arrives at the space station Anchorpoint and with Ripley in a coma, Hicks explores the station and discovers Weyland-Yutani are developing an Alien army just as U.P.P. are doing their own research.

Soon both Anchorpoint and the U.P.P. stations are overrun with the xenomorphs and Hicks leads the survivors in an attempt to destroy the parasites. At the time the producers were unsatisfied with the screenplay and Gibson was asked to make rewrites for then attached director Renny Harlin with both the script and Harlin leaving the project shortly after.

Last year came the announcement that Gibson’s original script was being adapted into a Dark Horse Comics work, and this week comes the news that the original script is also being adapted into an audiobook by Audible. On top of that, said audiobook will see Michael Biehn returning to reprise his role as Corporal Hicks for the audio dramatization of the story.

Biehn hasn’t reprised his role as Hicks on screen since 1986, but has lent his voice to several video games in the past including the unfortunate “Aliens: Colonial Marines”. Dirk Maggs is helming the audio recording and the “Alien 3” audiobook is available for pre-order now over at

Source: Movieweb