Akira Influenced “Godzilla,” Plus New Clips

A new international trailer for Gareth Edwards’ “Godzilla” hits in May, much of it new visual effects shots of devastation left in the wake of the giant beast.

Recently talking with Popular Mechanics, Edwards discussed another film that has had a major influence on his upcoming monster movie reboot – 1988’s anime classic “Akira”. Edwards says:

“I think one of the most visually breathtaking films ever made is ‘Akira’. In terms of films you’re jealous you didn’t make, ‘Akira’ is in my top ten for sure. My concept designer, who worked on the movie [Godzilla] and had a very big influence on the film and storyboards, it’s his favorite graphic novel.

We pulled all our favorite moments from ‘Akira’ and had this library of reference, so whenever we got stuck, or we ever felt like a sequence wasn’t inspired enough, or we didn’t know exactly how to give it that edge to made it feel as epic as we could, we would always thumb through the ‘Akira’ imagery and suddenly get a wave of excitement or a new direction.

A lot of imagery from that film subconsciously or consciously affected this one. I’d never claim that our film is as good as that. It’s just a strong piece of filmmaking. It’s so brave with its storytelling.”

The new “Godzilla” opens May 16th.