Wild Rumor Of A Potential “Alien” TV Series

With the failure of “Alien Covenant” and the messiness of the Disney & FOX deal putting some of the latter’s franchises into limbo, the “Alien” franchise is now adrift – awaiting a chance to properly come back.

A new report at Omega Underground indicates that the franchise may be on its way back, and this time via an arena it isn’t known for – television. The site says that following on from rumblings over the years of a TV series based on the “Alien” franchise, FOX may be actually ready to announce the project soon – possibly in anticipation of the franchise’s 40th Anniversary next year.

They add that any potential series would not focus on the iconic Xenomorph creatures but would merely be ‘set within that world’. The franchise had been mostly dormant for years until Scott’s 2012 film “Prometheus” and 2017’s “Alien Covenant” (and to some extent 2014’s celebrated video game “Alien: Isolation”) brought the franchise back into the public eye.