Was Baz’s “Get Down” A Ratings Flop For Netflix?

Netflix is used to spending money on its various high-profile original series and no show on the service has boasted a bigger budget than Baz Luhrmann’s lavish period hip hop drama “The Get Down”. The full twelve episodes, half of which have already aired, reportedly cost at least $120 million to produce which easily makes it their most expensive series ever.

Netflix steadfastly refuses to release ratings data for anything on its service, but other providers have sprung up to estimate viewership of and buzz about its shows. Sadly it looks as though it wasn’t money well spent as not only were reviews for the series mixed to mildly positive, but two separate tracking firms indicate the show hasn’t been a hit like many of their other recent productions.

The first six episodes premiered August 12th with Symphony Advanced Media indicating that the show garnered 3.2 million total viewers among U.S. adults 18-49 in its first month. To put that in comparison, other debut month total viewerships in the past year have included 15.23 million for “Fuller House,” 13.23 million for “Stranger Things,” 12.28 million for “Making a Murderer” and 8.18 million for “Marvel’s Daredevil”.

Meanwhile Parrot Analytics, which tracks demand for TV shows as an intent to view, measured 22.2 million total ‘demand expressions’ for “The Get Down” in the week following its release. In that week it came sixth behind “Game of Thrones” (43.7 million), “Stranger Things” (38.9 million), “Mr. Robot” (33.6 million), “Preacher” (23.9 million), and “The Walking Dead” (23.1 million). In subsequent weeks, demand expressions plunged 40%, 21% and 30% respectively.

Netflix regularly dismisses estimates about video viewing on its platform as inaccurate. Both aforementioned firms only measure the U.S. market, NOT global results, and Netflix takes into consideration the entire lifespan of the show’s run on the service – not just in the first few weeks following its debut.

Source: Variety