WarnerMedia Streaming Service Price Talk

Warnermedia Streaming Service Price Talk

A new report in The Wall Street Journal spoke to several sources who indicate the upcoming WarnerMedia subscription video-on-demand service will apparently come in at the fairly steep price of $16-17 per month.

That cost however is expected to bundle together HBO, Cinemax along with Warner Bros. TV shows and movies – HBO Now as is currently costs around $15 per month. Should the cost estimate be accurate it would make the service one of the most expensive on the market. Most services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu (ads free) run at about $12-13 per month.

The report also indicates WarnerMedia has scrapped their original ‘three tier’ plan in favor of a single plan, but they are also apparently considering launching a lower-cost ad-supported version of the service in 2020.

WarnerMedia is slated to launch a beta version of its streaming service near the end of this year.