Spielberg Doing Bernstein Biopic Post-Indy 5?

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg reportedly held a super-secret table read on Wednesday with major talent. The read was for an undisclosed project with non-disclosure agreement handed out during the meeting.

However, Variety reports that the project is an untitled biopic of conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein. Bernstein wrote the music for famed musical “West Side Story” which has been lined up as Spielberg’s next project once he wraps production on a fifth “Indiana Jones” film.

It’s not clear who wrote the script, but it has been quickly pointed out it is NOT the one that Josh Singer (“Spotlight”) wrote for the new “West Side Story” – they are very much two separate projects.

The trade adds that, no matter what, the next Indiana Jones film is Spielberg’s immediate next project with that to begin filming early 2019. It’s the one after that he’s tossing between either the musical remake of the Bernstein biopic.