Shaymalan Talks The Ending Of “Glass”

First Trailer M Night Shyamalans Glass

M. Night Shyamalan’s “Glass” hit cinemas on Friday and serves as a follow-up to both 2000’s “Unbreakable” and 2017’s “Split”. Reviews for the film have been decidedly mixed if not weak with one of the many complaints being the final act which seems to have multiple endings and twists piled on top of each other.


The film ends with the reveal of a mysterious organisation, one that has spent millennia killing off superpowered individuals (heroes and villains) before they’re able to fully embrace their abilities and in order to keep them secret from the public at large.

However Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson), before he died, was able to enact a plan which sees them and the existence of superpowered beings exposed. In a new interview with Heat Vision, Shyamalan says this was always the ending he had in mind when he was shooting “Unbreakable” nearly two decades ago:

“I did. I didn’t know if I could have the balls to do it. But I did. That was in my head and I kind of said, “Maybe we could do this at the end” and chuckled about it. Can you do that? I didn’t know whether I’d have the fortitude to keep going and do it, but I’m so glad that I did. Closure is important to me, as a narrator, as a storyteller. How do we get to a definitive end so that you understood someone had something to say specifically and not then continuing. It’s always been on my mind how to do this. Obviously, I’ve never done a sequel before and wanting to make sure it was from the right motivations, from the characters themselves and that world and keeping a certain level of purity about it. I think that the shelf life of the three movies will increase dramatically because of it.”

Shyamalan also spoke about how audiences at test screenings reacted to the revelations and he says:

“The test screenings were really crazy. We did do them and they were crazy because audiences just went with us. They just were not polarized in any way by anything that we just mentioned… It was one of my highest testing movies ever. This thing we are talking about [the ending] was refreshing to them. That we were doing the opposite of everything. It was really contained and it was unusual and thought-provoking.”

“Glass” is headed for a solid $89 million in North America over the holiday weekend and it earned as much again overseas.