Photos: The Joker Is In “Birds of Prey”

Photos The Joker Is In Birds Of Prey

The “Birds of Prey” movie is currently filming with Margot Robbie reprising her “Suicide Squad” role of Harley Quinn, and new photos suggest the return of another familiar face – The Joker.

Just Jared has posted some snaps from the set seemingly confirming the Clown Prince of Crime will make an appearance in the film. Jared Leto played the part opposite Robbie in ‘Squad’, but with the actor currently shooting “Morbius” in the UK for Sony & Marvel they seem to be using a stand-in (his face is obscured).

It’s not clear if the character will show his face in the final footage as his role isn’t expected to be much more than a cameo and will deal with Quinn’s breaking up with Mr. J as the scene in question reportedly sees the Joker throwing her belongings out a window.

“Birds of Prey” is set to open in cinemas on February 7th 2020.