Nichols Has Issues With His “Midnight Special”

Filmmaker Jeff Nichols had two very strong films in cinemas last year which both scored acclaim.

The first was the genre drama “Midnight Special,” the second was the period racial drama “Loving”. One difference between the two is that ‘Midnight’ marked Nichols’ first major studio feature, and unfortunately Warner Bros. Pictures only gave it a minor release.

Where it fits in terms of quality as compared to the rest of his work like “Take Shelter” and “Mud” is also often debated, but if you ask Nichols himself – it’s the one he has the most issues with. He tells GQ:

“You have to kind of protect the health of who you are in order to do this work. All the press and money and all these things are kind of like a drug: You need more and more and more. It can open you up to a lesser side of yourself really quickly. ‘Mud’ was a failure at Cannes. Nobody wanted to buy it.

So the summer I wrote ‘Midnight Special’ I was writing with a chip on my shoulder. And that turned out to be my least successful film and also probably my least well-executed. It’s because I allowed myself to be affected by the response. We’d be morons if we weren’t affected by it. But you somehow have to protect this thing that you are, or it can really hurt you. It can hurt the work.”

Nichols is next attached to pen and direct a remake of the classic sci-fi feature “Alien Nation,” but there’s been little movement on the project since his attachment was announced almost a year ago.