Multiple Studios Keen To Hire James Gunn

Multiple Studios Keen To Hire James Gunn

Disney may have washed their hands of him, but plenty of other studios are very keen to employ filmmaker James Gunn from the sounds of it – including Marvel Studios.

Heat Vision reports that the reason there hasn’t been much talk from anyone be it Gunn, Marvel’s Kevin Feige or Disney is that discussions are still ongoing as to how to proceed and also in regards to Gunn’s contract for a third “Guardians of the Galaxy” film.

Gunn is expected to get a large $7-10 million minimum payout from Disney over his firing. Gunn has legal grounds as the offensive tweets that led to his firing happened well before he signed with Marvel Studios – so there’s no breach.

Any potential settlement would also dictate how fast Gunn could jump to another project and if Disney would be able to use the script that the filmmaker had worked on for the new “Guardians” prior to his departure.

Other studios are lining up to offer projects to Gunn including Warner Bros. Pictures along with plenty of high-profile and Oscar-winning producers, but no offers can be made until Gunn is completely free from his Marvel Studios contract which will take time.

In fact the report indicates Marvel Studios hope to get him back to develop and direct a brand-new property, but either way a verdict hasn’t been issued and conversations with Marvel are still ongoing.