MoviePass Returns To A Film-A-Day Plan

MoviePass will once again allow customers to sign up for its popular movie-a-day monthly subscription package after taking the offering off of its website last month.

Since April 13th, MoviePass has only been offering a promotional $29.95 three-month plan – restricting people to four movies a month along with a free trial of iHeartRadio’s All Access on-demand streaming package.

That set off alarm bells suggesting the company was running out of money, talk that was only enhanced by an independent auditor raising questions about the service’s viability.

The change is a shift for CEO Mitch Lowe who just last week said he didn’t know if MoviePass would go back to offering a movie a day, but it’s now expected he was playing coy to focus everybody on this partnership promotion.

MoviePass also announced this month that it will not allow users to see the same movie twice – that rule remains in effect in order to stem abuse.

Source: Variety