Miller Hopeful For More “Mad Max” Sequels

Two years on from the release of George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road,” the Australian filmmaker has spoken about where the franchise stands now and reaffirms that he and co-writer Nico Lathouris have written two full sequels, one of which will be titled “Mad Max: The Wastelands”.

Speaking with The Independent, Miller says they’re now waiting to move forward on these scripts – which were penned before the release of ‘Fury Road’::

“We dug down deep into the subtext, the backstory of all the characters, and indeed the world, and without really thinking about it, we wrote two other screenplays just as part of the bible of the stories.

Somewhere, if the planets align, there will be two other films. A movie like Fury Road is told in a very wild, helter-skelter way, so the underlying logic of everything in the film had to be pretty rigorous otherwise the film would’ve been chaotic. So one of the advantages of the many delays was that we were able to spend time getting into these backstories.”

Miller also says Fury Road’s iconic flame-throwing guitarist – the Doof Warrior – will be featured again in the sequels:

“I know who his mother was. I know how it was that a man who is mute and blind survived the apocalypse. I know his story very well! If we get to make another movie, the Doof Warrior will be there! I’m hard-wired for the imaginative life. It’s part of who I am. These characters and these worlds tend to swirl around in the back of your brain like imaginary friends. It’s easy to go back to them.”

Miller says once again he’ll do a “quick and small” project to “reboot the brain” before he returns for the “Mad Max” sequels.