“Last Jedi” Audiences Warned About Silence

Theres a moment in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” that both the lovers and haters of the film seem to unite in their adoration of. For a few seconds, the film goes completely silent for a visual effects shot showcasing the impact of one supporting character’s actions.

It’s one of the best shots of the year, but because there’s no sound in it and some people can’t quite understand the concept of artistic license, there has apparently been enough complaints to AMC Cinema management that a notice has been posted by a theater having to assure customers that nothing is wrong and the lack of sound was a creative choice by director Rian Johnson:

Of course the moment is one of many in a film that has polarised the fanbase with its treatment of the franchise. Asked recently if he thinks it’s good that it has divided people, Johnson responded on Twitter: “The goal is never to divide or make people upset, but I do think the conversations that are happening were going to have to happen at some point if SW is going to grow, move forward and stay vital.”

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