“Justice League” Art Shows Steppenwolf, BatJet

New “Justice League” concept art of Batman’s jetplane, the ‘Flying Fox,’ and a photo of a maquette of the villain Steppenwolf have gone online today.

EW published the concept art which includes an interview with the film’s production designer Patrick Tatopoulos who says the Flying Fox can hold three Batmobiles in the cargo bay. Three stories tall, the plane and has the maneuverability of a jet and a central second floor with computer terminals.

Affleck talks about the scene depicted, saying: “The Batman is typically kind of a loner. I guess you’d call him kind of inward, you know?. He brings [the Justice League] to the Batcave and lets them in on the central conflict of the story, who the enemy is. There’s a little bit of a Magnificent Seven aspect to it.”

The Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon-directed “Justice League” hits theaters on November 17th.