“IT: Chapter 2” Will De-Age The Kids

It Chapter 2 Will De Age The Kids

The upcoming smash-hit horror sequel “IT: Chapter 2” is set to feature two things you probably didn’t expect.

First up, Syfy reports that as part of an interview in a new issue of Total Film, director Andy Muschietti has revealed that author Stephen King himself was more hands-on this time out.

In fact, he says when King read the first draft of the sequel, he made a few notes and also requested the addition of “one all-new scene” which the filmmaker dutifully included as “you don’t tell Stephen King that he can’t write IT.”

That’s not all though. The same outlet has revealed that the young actors who played the original Losers Club in the 2017 first chapter have undergone some digital de-ageing for the new film so as to look like they did in the first in the film’s flashback sequences.

Muschietti says this wasn’t a last-minute aesthetic decision and was planned from early on: “From the beginning, we knew that that would be part of the budget – the visual effects to address that. So, we’re going to de-age the kids.”

“IT: Chapter Two” hits cinemas in early September.