Gal Gadot Up For “Bride of Frankenstein”?

Earlier this week came word that Universal Pictures had effectively pushed pause on the Bill Condon-directed remake of 1935 horror classic “Bride of Frankenstein” so that David Koepp can do further script re-writes.

Pre-production had gotten underway in London for a February 1st production start, but the crew has been told to go home for now. Now it has also been confirmed the movie has been pulled from its February 14th 2019 release date, with a new one not yet scheduled.

The bigger question though is who will star? At last report, Angelina Jolie and Javier Bardem are being sought for the lead roles and all indications are the actors aren’t walking away from the film – but they aren’t committing either until the new script comes in.

The Wrap now adds that if Jolie falls through, and with her commitment to “Maleficent 2” filming early next year she might, Condon has set his sights on “Wonder Woman” actress Gal Gadot as a potential backup choice.

For now, much of the decisions depend upon scheduling which won’t be locked down for some time yet.