Elba, Evans, Fassy & More Make Bond Shortlist

The British tabloids love to speculate about which actor will be the next to take on the role of James Bond if Daniel Craig does leave the role behind, and today The Sun claims to have scored a shortlist of actors that film bosses have drawn up.

Six names are apparently on the list – Idris Elba (43), Michael Fassbender (39), Luke Evans (37), Charlie Hunnam (36), Aidan Turner (33) and Tom Hiddleston (35). EON Productions franchise boss Barbara Broccoli, who is the one who ultimately makes the decision on the role, is also meeting with James Norton (31) and Jamie Bell (30).

The paper is firmly in the court of Elba who thinks the “Luther” star has the gravitas, talent and box office appeal to take over the role with an apparent source from MGM telling them: “To get anyone to take over from Daniel will be a tough job. There will be a lot of trepidation about a new Bond, but Idris’ talent and proven appeal gives executives a lot of heart. Idris may be a little older than the other candidates but he looks like he is still in his 30s. MGM are confident that they are in a pretty strong place with a raft of talent available.”

Last month Elba insisted he has not been approached for the part and claims he’s ‘too old’ to play James Bond. Age is a tricky thing with the role, the actor has to be old enough to have been a believable former naval commander and Secret Service agent, but young enough to believably pull off the action over the course of several movies made 2-3 years apart.

Craig, who is now 48, has still not committed to a fifth film in the role of the British spy.