“Civil War” Creator Says Film Was Too Bleak

With around $1.15 billion in worldwide box-office revenue, Disney’s “Captain America: Civil War” is this year’s biggest film. Along with earning big dough it was also well received by both audiences and critics, meaning it was a winner all round for those involved.

One person with a connection to the work though wasn’t so happy – author Mark Millar who worked on the original 2006 ‘Civil War’ comic storyline from which the film took its title and basic premise – but not much more than that.

Certainly the ‘Civil War’ film was far from a direct adaptation, and Millar revealed this week on his site in his annual best films of 2016 list that he wasn’t a fan of the work and a lot had to do with its dark and bleak tone:

“Civil War had a good opening twenty mins, but then I honestly can’t remember what the movie was about. It’s interesting the Russos have a background in comedy because it’s really missing in these otherwise well-made pictures and very, very missed. I really hope this bleakness doesn’t extend into their two Avengers pictures because what made that first Avengers work was the light as well as shade and I’ll be sad if that’s all lost like it was in this picture.”

In the same list Millar did reveal he was a fan of Scott Derrickson’s “Doctor Strange” adaptation from which he is understandably more separated from the material.