Bruckheimer: Fifth “Pirates” Was A Huge Success

In terms of critical response, the recent “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” was an utter failure – scoring the worst reviews of the franchise. In terms of box-office though it is seen only as a disappointment.

Domestically it grossed $172 million – a long way from the $423 million of the second and $300 million of the first and third. It has been saved by international revenue though with a further $619 million from outside the U.S. – putting it on par with the second and third film in the series.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, speaking with Yahoo this week, sees the film as a success and puts its softer response down to foreign exchange rate differences and the overall slump in box-office this Summer which has claimed many victims:

“I think it did phenomenal. I mean, you’re talking about the fifth [film] in the series in a down market, and the American dollar is so strong that we’re getting less returns from foreign. This movie would’ve [made] a billion dollars had it been back in the same financial [situation as On Stranger Tides], but we lost 27% of our money just by the conversion rate… But god it’s at what, $790 [million] now? It’s amazing.”

The film is currently sitting at $792 million worldwide, making it the seventh highest grossing movie of 2017 globally. The film has certainly left itself open for another installment, but for now there’s been no talk of doing a sixth film in the series.