“Bond 25” Casting For Three Villain Roles?

Bond 25 Casting For Three Villain Roles

At last report, Danny Boyle’s upcoming James Bond film was to sport a female villain squaring off against Daniel Craig in his fifth and likely final outing as 007. Now a new casting report from fan site MI6 HQ, the site first revealed Dave Bautista’s Mr. Hinx henchman character in “Spectre,” has received a casting call for the upcoming film.

Said casting call suggests that there are apparently three antagonists for Bond to face off with in the film, namely a male and female villain who are written as ‘leading roles’ and a key henchman in a supporting role.

According to the casting sheet, the two leads are very similar, suggesting either siblings or partners. Both will be either Russian or Balkan but speak fluent English, and be aged at least in their 30s (him up to his 60s, her up to 45).

His characteristics are “charismatic, powerful, innovative, cosmopolitan, bright, cold and vindictive”. Her characteristics are: “striking, intelligent, brave, fierce, charming, witty and skilful” and her role also requires strong physical and combat skills.

The third character they’re seeking is a Maori actor, aged 35 – 55, with advanced physical combat skills. His characteristics are: “authoritative, cunning, ruthless & loyal” – sounds like a henchman to us.

This would mark the third female main villain in the series following “From Russia with Love” and “The World is Not Enough,” though films like “Die Another Day,” “Goldeneye,” “A View to a Kill” and “Octopussy” also had notable female villains in them as well.

Filming on the new Bond film kicks off in December ahead of a November 8th 2019 release.