A New “The Beach” Adaptation On The Way?

Though its reputation has improved over the years, and there’s still a deep affection for All Saints’ “Pure Shores” and Moby’s “Porcelain” tie-in songs, Danny Boyle’s “The Beach” is still seen mostly as a bit of a misfire.

It’s a decent but not great film adaptation of Alex Garland’s well-regarded novel and did decent business ($144 million worldwide). Now, during a Reddit AMA to promote his new film “Annihilation,” Garland has confirmed that something is up with the work – a new adaptation though it’s not clear in what form.

Garland was asked by a reader: “Do you think there will ever be another shot at adapting The Beach? Would you be interested in doing it at all, or rather leave it to others?”. Garland responded: “Well, someone very talented is currently working on a possible adaptation, so I’m really interested to see what they write.”

That suggests he’s open to being involved in some capacity. FOX attempted a TV series adaptation in 2012 that never got out of the development process.