“355” Could Recast Missing Fan Bingbing

355 Could Recast Missing Fan Bingbing

The mystery of missing Chinese superstar Fan Bingbing remains, and now it is having some serious real-world consequences reports Deadline.

The actress disappeared from public view in early July amid speculation is that she might be under Chinese government control in relation to a tax-evasion matter. However, no discernible formal allegations have been lodged against Fan.

Even so, it has already had an impact on everything from film projects to media companies and brand relationships she is involved in. While her camp is radio silent, talk is swirling of delays on some films and recasting some upcoming pictures as the situation is ongoing.

One of those is the all-female spy project “355”. Fan was one of the key stars attached at Cannes in May, alongside Jessica Chastain, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz and Lupita Nyong’o. Production isn’t set to begin until next year but it’s looking likely the role will be recast. Even if something changes and she were able to star, it might not pass the Middle Kingdom’s strict censors.

For now, the wait is on until Fan resurfaces.