VOTD: Tarantino’s “Suicide Squad”

This week sees the release of David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad,” a film in which a bunch of iconic comic book villains team-up for a mission. It’s not an unfamiliar premise, but it’s one that has inspired various film fans to come up with their own riffs.

Loot Crate Productions has done one of the more notable fan spoofs – one that pays homage to both Ayer and filmmaker Quentin Tarantino with a new parody trailer that shows what happens when the anti-heroes of Tarantino’s films are recruited and work together to take on some even worse villains.

Uma Thurman’s The Bride and Chiaki Kuriyama’s Gogo Yubari from “Kill Bill”, Jamie Foxx’s Django from “Django Unchained”, and Samuel L. Jackson’s Jules from “Pulp Fiction” team and commit numerous acts of grotesque, elaborate violence. Makes you wonder what the man himself thinks of it.