Three More “Has Fallen” Films Planned

Three More Has Fallen Films Planned

Like certain skin diseases or the mullet, Gerard Butler will be with us long after much of the rest of civilisation has fallen.

Indeed Alan Siegel, a producer on the three ‘Has Fallen’ films which began with “Olympus Has Fallen” before becoming “London Has Fallen” and most recently “Angel Has Fallen,” has suggested this is far from the end.

While speaking at the American Film Market’s finance conference this week, Siegel tells Deadline that they are looking into making a “fourth, fifth and even sixth entry in the series”. Not only that, there’s also talk of building a linked cross-format universe.

Basically the film’s IP could be sold for local language TV spin-offs in overseas markets and then characters from those shows could pop up in the films. Global transmedia cross-pollination at its ‘finest’.

The three films to date have grossed a little over $500 million from a combined three-film budget of $170 million.

The news comes as Lionsgate, who distributes the films, has climbed on board the Butler-led action-thriller “The Plane” which begins filming next year.

In that film, the Scottish actor will portray a commercial pilot who, after a heroic job of successfully landing his storm-damaged aircraft in a war zone, finds himself caught between the agendas of multiple militias who are planning to take the plane and its passengers’ hostage.