Three-Hour Trailer For Disney+ Catalogue

Three Hour Trailer For Disney Catalogue

Disney Studios engaged in some epic marketing this morning, releasing nearly 600 tweets with accompanying graphics showcasing almost all the titles that will be available on Disney+ at launch on November 12th.

Now they’ve gone even further – releasing a 3hr 20min long video offering clips from almost all of its catalogue titles going up on the service.

The video contains snippets of Disney movies and TV shows ordered chronologically by their release date starting with “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” and ending with “The Mandalorian”. Most of the clips randomly picked so hardly showcase the best of the individual works. There are also some notably absent titles including a bunch of MCU films at this point.

The music will drive you bonkers after a while as well, but nonetheless it’s a ballsy move. The studio is reportedly aiming to add a further 500 films and at least 2,500 more TV episodes to its library in subsequent weeks.