“The Meg” Sequel In Early Stages

The Meg Sequel In Early Stages

Producer Catherine Xujun Ying has acknowledged that a sequel to this summer’s giant prehistoric shark movie “The Meg” is in the works. At present the film hasn’t set any screenwriters and the project isn’t officially greenlit by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Nevertheless, it seems to be happening. Speaking yesterday at the Los Angeles Skirball Center’s U.S.-China Entertainment Summit, Ying says a sequel is “definitely the plan… it’s still in the very early stages, but we’re working on it. We’re trying to keep it secret at this time.”

Ying is also CEO of Gravity Pictures who was involved heavily in financing the movie which plays a big part in the chances of a sequel happening, as does producer Belle Avery having already bought the rights in perpetuity to all five of Steve Alten’s books upon which it’s based. Additionally there are reportedly discussions in place to create Meg theme park rides in China.

“The Meg” is the most successful U.S.-Chinese co-production ever made to date, clocking in at $527.8 million worldwide. One advantage of a sequel is that it doesn’t have to swallow the tens of millions spent over twenty years in development costs which the first film endured.

Source: Variety