Tarantino, Abrams Team For New “Star Trek”

Quentin Tarantino is busy getting his 1969 set, partly Manson family inspired ninth directorial effort ready at Sony Pictures, but in the immediate future he’s also taking on an unexpected side project – “Star Trek”.

Deadline reports that Tarantino has come up with an idea for a “Star Trek” film that, after sharing his idea with JJ Abrams, is leading to the assembly of a writers room of scribes at Paramount Pictures who’ll hear Tarantino’s take and begin to put together a movie. If it works out, Tarantino might direct and Abrams would produce the film.

Tarantino has previously spoken about a desire to do a James Bond film, but the franchise holders haven’t been so keen on the idea. “Star Trek” on the other hand has more flexibility – the films aren’t as sacrosanct as the various series and could give a boost to the franchise which creatively stumbled with “Star Trek Into Darkness” and financially stumbled with “Star Trek Beyond”.

Tarantino has expressed enthusiasm about the idea of expanding key franchise episodes to feature length such as “City on the Edge of Forever” from the original series, and “Yesterday’s Enterprise” from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.