Photos: Thor, Lantern, Punch, Paul, Priest

With Comic Con approaching, a lot of films are releasing first look stills through a special Entertainment Weekly issue. The most bountiful is “Green Lantern” with half a dozen new photos including first looks at Peter Sarsgaard, Angela Bassett, Blake Lively and Tim Robbins in the film. There’s also a new shot from “Thor” which shows off the God armor in much better lighting than the recent first released still.

The same issue also has the first shot of the girls of Zac Snyder’s upcoming female revenge thriller “Sucker Punch”, while a recent USA Today has the first shot from the upcoming British dark comedy “Burke and Hare” starring Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis.

Next up are several stills from the Simon Pegg geeks-meet-alien comedy “Paul”, mostly of scenes recreating Comic Con. Then there’s several new shots from the Paul Bettany-led “Priest”, the George Clooney retired killer drama “The Assassin”, and two more shots from the “Conan” remake.