NBCU Considers Free Peacock For Everyone

Nbcu Considers Free Peacock For Everyone

A new report at CNBC suggests that Comcast NBCUniversal is considering making the ad-supported version of its upcoming streaming video-on-demand service ‘Peacock’ available for free to everyone.

Previously, Comcast had planned on making Peacock free only to cable subscribers and Comcast broadband customers. Now they are said to be considering giving away the ad-supported service to anyone who wants it, while an ad-free product version will be available but will come with a charge.

There may also be multiple tiers of Peacock to give Comcast customers and other pay-TV subscribers additional content or benefits. In any case, the move bucks the trend of charging a basic access price for ad-supported streaming that others do – most notably Hulu.

By going free for access, the service could quickly become the biggest AVOD (advertising video on demand) service on the market and would help the company gain a foothold after being one of the last of the majors to get involved in streaming services.

NBC’s Peacock is expected to have more than 15,000 hours of content when it launches late next year and will contain the entire series run of shows like “Parks and Recreation,” “Cheers,” and “The Office”. It’s also exected the ad-supported version will only have 3-5 minutes of ads per hour of programming with NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke saying they expect to make $5 per month from every user on the service from advertising.