Liefeld: “Deadpool 3” & “X-Force” Will Still Happen

Liefeld Deadpool 3 X Force Will Still Happen

Though both “Deadpool” films have amassed nearly $1.6 billion in global box-office combined, the future of the franchise has been uncertain in recent months following Disney completing acquisition of 20th Century Fox and its assets – including that Marvel franchise.

Marvel Studios is expected to keep the franchise alive in some way, Disney CEO Bob Iger teasing as much earlier this year, but what they’ll do isn’t clear and some fans remain convinced Disney won’t give an R-rated superhero movie the go-ahead.

Last night, while attending the “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” world premiere, “Deadpool” creator Rob Liefeld spoke with Variety and says he believes the character’s proposed “Deadpool 3” and “X-Force” films will happen:

“You know, I just hope they can get it together. Fans want it. Fans want to see it. The whole thing about Deadpool is that culture moves so fast now and two years ago feels like twenty. There were two R-rated movies – and they were R-rated movies – that together made $1.2 billion and yes, I looked at those and counted them up.

After the first weekend, I called Ryan and said ‘It’s a billion-dollar franchise!’ We were very excited. So I think Deadpool 3…X-Force …inevitable. I mean, come on. Josh Brolin, Ryan Reynolds, and now with Disney. How is that not the biggest thing, right?”

No serious work has begun on either a third “Deadpool” or a possible “X-Force” film at present.