“League of Legends” Becomes A Cartoon Series

League Of Legends Becomes A Cartoon Series

Riot Games is developing “Arcane,” an animated series based in the universe of their wildly popular video game “League of Legends”. The project will mark the first scripted on-screen project from the company which is celebrating the franchise’s 10th anniversary.

The series will debut next year and is aimed at a 14+ audience and will deal with more adult subject matter than expected. Greg Street, head of creative development at Riot, says: “It’s not a light-hearted show. There are some serious themes that we explore there, so we wouldn’t want kids tuning in and expecting something that it’s not.”

“League of Legends” was launched in 2009 as a multiplayer online battle arena video game and quickly grew into one of the world’s most profitable game franchises with more than 100 million active monthly players, two professional esports leagues, and multiple yearly competitive tournaments.

“Arcane” will be developed internally by Riot and animated by Paris-based Fortiche Productions, which has animated the “League of Legends” character reveal trailers in the past. Numerous writers who have worked on major television shows have been hired for the project which aims to be the start of a multimedia universe.

Source: THR