Indiana Jones Toys Reveal Spoilers

Several weeks before “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” hits theatres, LEGO will release a batch of new toys based on the property.

Now photos of those upcoming sets have been leaked and reveal some of the big set pieces for the much anticipated release. Spoilers ahead folks:

The first reveals a river/jungle chase featuring rubber dinghys, Indy, Marion, alligators, snakes, tree watchposts and 4WD trucks.

The second has a tank with two giant horizontal circular saws for clearing jungle, some kind of Temple entrance, more soldiers and lots of tarantulas.

The third and big one shows the Temple of the Crystal Skull itself. The shot has lots of strange elements including alien skeletons, natives, and hints of the temple itself opening up to reveal something other-worldly.

In other Indy news, a new in-theatre cinema display has been snapped by a Jo Blo reader.