Disney Retooling “Woman in the Window”

Disney Retooling Woman In The Window

Fox 2000’s final film before it shut down, “The Woman in the Window,” is set to undergo minor reshoots following recent test screenings and as a result it is being pushed into next year.

THR reports that early audiences were left confused by the Scott Rudin-produced film which is based on the hit 2018 novel by A.J. Finn. The story follows Amy Adams as an agoraphobic child psychologist who witnesses a crime. Gary Oldman and Julianne Moore also star while Tracy Letts adapted the screenplay and “Atonement” helmer Joe Wright directs.

The film began shooting last August in New York ahead of an October 4th release this year, a prime awards season berth. Now though Disney is shifting the movie to sometime in 2020 to give it time to retool and reshoot elements of the picture.

Sources for the trade indicates the film, a “twisty mystery with a third-act reveal and large chunks set inside the mind of Adams’ depressed character” is a challenging adaptation and audiences weren’t clear on what was happening. As a result, Wright plans to shoot five days of pickup shots next month once Adams wraps Ron Howard’s “Hillbilly Elegy” for Netflix.

Fox 2000 president Elizabeth Gabler says: “We’re dealing with a complex novel. We tested the movie really early for that very reason. We wanted to make it better, and we’ve had Disney’s full support in doing that.”